Stop smoking in 1 hour

Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Phobias:

Learn to have a clearer understanding and a new inner control over your fear reactions by desensitising your mind and overriding unwelcome reactions.

Insomnia and Sleep Problems:

Relearn the natural ability to fall asleep easily and re-educate your mind to enjoy and expect a good night’s sleep.

Problems and Habits:

Free yourself from self-defeating habits and behaviour to improve your health, confidence, motivation and well-being for positive changes in your life.


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Stress and Relaxation:

Learn to use hypnosis as a safe and effective technique to remove the stress, tension and pressure in your body and mind so you feel calm and relaxed.

Weight Control:

Remove unwanted fat and cellulite to regain your figure. Lose pounds and keep them off without the constant struggle.