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Lynn Willert Hypnotherapy has developed a revolutionary weight loss system without the need for dieting or invasive surgical procedures.

Those that perpetually try and fail at diets often see a gastric band or bypass as their last and best option for permanent weight loss. However, surgery is both expensive and high risk.

Our 'Band For Health' is a real alternative and a guaranteed method for significant and lasting weight loss. With only four sessions we help you visualise a surgical procedure and its impacts. Through suggestion and visualisation alone we can reprogram your mind to believe that your stomach is smaller and therefore fuller. This natural restriction on your calorie intake is a long-term solution to your weight problems. The process uses hypnotherapy NLP and cognitive behavioural techniques to help you achieve your ideal weight and stay there!

Put all fad diets and thoughts of surgery behind you! Contact us now to find out more or arrange an appointment.