Stop smoking in 1 hour

Hypnotherapy is not a treatment; it is a state of mind required for therapy. A session with an experienced hypnotherapist should achieve, but not be limited to, the following:

  • Be relaxing and comforting
  • Allow you to communicate effectively with your sub-consciousness
  • Provide an improved, up to date perspective of your life
  • Help you to connect your thoughts and feelings
  • Teach you about yourself, your inner feelings, worries, inhibitions and most importantly of all – your potential!

During hypnosis you enter a relaxed state of mind that enables change to happen. All negative thought patterns can be addressed in a safe and secure environment.

Lynn Willert hypnotherapy teaches, supports and provides you with the tools and methods for you to change. We provide a means through which you can practice what you have been taught to act as a guide until you are completely self-sufficient. This is achieved either directly, where we help you to make important choices; or indirectly where we help you to avoid conscious or sub-conscious resistance.